Peter Schiff to appear on the Daily Show:Warning some sheep may wakeup

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by cgtrader, Jun 3, 2009.

  1. June 9, 2009

    Will the pizza stuffed, coke bloated, couch morons understand what he is saying?

    The TV crowd may need a translator as he will be speaking the truth as usual.
  2. Don't you thin Stewart will belittle his comments... diffusing their impact... so the audience can just "joke it off"...??
  3. When the next Great Depression hits the U.S., which is no more than 12-24 months away, Peter Schiff is going to be able to book any show he wants and name his ticket.

    Wait, watch and see.

    This country will have another Great Depression soon, and for many of the reasons Schiff identifies.

    We won't be even close to being alone, either.

    China is going to be tied to our wrist as we fall off the cliff, despite claims to the contrary.

    The U.K., Spain, Italy and Japan?

    They'll feel MAX pain.
  4. AAA30


    Hope he does not "Cramer" him with facts.
  5. You seem to have overwhelming need to be "right." Why is that?

    You know of course that there's a difference between being "right," and making money?

  6. Whe should discuss on what the Schiffmeister is going to say.

    1: The dollar is going to collapse.
  7. What cliff?

    Who do you think is gonna profit if the U.S. and China "go off a cliff?"

    You are starting to be as irrational as that failure douchedag from Chicago Shoney...who now sells Oil/gas leases in Texas.

  8. Quit stalking me, you psycho bitch.
  9. Your posts are about 35% of ET's total. A reply from me that happens to be in your thread are simply the odds of your loquaciousness homer.

    If you can't answer the question just say so. No worries. But no reason to be irrational.