Peter Schiff takes on Rockefeller, Rothschild frontman on CNBC

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by cgtrader, Jun 9, 2009.

Who won this debate and is Rockefeller evil?

  1. Schiff and yes Rockefeller is evil

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  2. Schiff and no Rockefeller is not evil

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  3. Mussa and yes Rockefeller is evil

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  4. Mussa and no Rockefeller is not evil

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  2. Schiff's had his 5 minutes of fame. he should just go back to making poor investment decisions for his clients and stop the marketting already.
  3. You are sadly confused and manipulated.
  4. How is that? He is marketing and he lost a lot of money for his clients... these are facts. Period.
  5. Anyone hear the nagging women chirping trying to get into the conversation?

    Finally at about 5:50 people listen to her and let her comment :p
  6. Jander


    I was thinking the same thing monty..

    For the others, what good does it do for you to bring up the fact that he lost his clients money last year? 99% of people lost money last year, that invalidates the fact that schiff has been spot on predicting this shit for years?

    Get a clue
  7. So did Warren Buffet in the same time period. Only difference is that Buffets investors that stayed with him are STILL down (about 39%). Schiff's investors who stayed with him have most of their money back today.

    Funny how people jump all over peter about poor investments and they only look at a certain time frame which is the same as stacking the deck.

    I can tell you are the type of trader that takes everything at face value in these news stories and never examines them more closely like ALL news stories should be carefully examined and you are the type to pull out a news story from 6 months ago and say "see! he's losing money big time!" without ever seeing how he has done in the next 6 months.