Peter Schiff slams anchor on Bond Bubble

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by cgtrader, Jan 8, 2009.

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  2. I don't see any slam here. Looks more like a propaganda piece. Anchors ask a bunch of leading questions allowing him to state and restate his opinion on the bond bubble. Fine in itself. But then he banks hard right and fires off this bit about smaller government and letting the economy take care of itself without govt. intervention. Pure propaganda there.

    Funny, yes. Self serving, yes. A slam, no.
  3. Peter grew quite some grey hair recently. Had a tough 2008 I guess :cool:
  4. Propaganda?

    Not sure about that one, Peter had a rough 2008 for sure like almost everyone else, gold held up in comparison to other assets, now he waits for the USD to collapse!
  5. Coolio


    Saw Peter on CNBC last weekend on Friday night or something and he said he was bullish on stocks. Segment was with Don Luskin and I almost jumped out of bed!!!
  6. harkm


    He is bullish on foreign stocks that are non multinational and pay high dividends. They made it sound like he was bullish on US equities, which he is not. BTW, Don Luskin is the biggest idiot on CNBC. How the hell does that guy get any pub whatsoever?

  7. The show needs to have a counterpoint to the genius Schiff, so they bring on the idiot Luskin!
  8. Easy.
    Garbage in, Garbage out.
    CNBC does not pay its guests an appearance "fee".
  9. ess1096


    Entitlement spending will be the death of the US. And now we have a guy coming into office who will be looking to expand entitlements beyond belief when we cannot even afford it as it is! Entitlements have brought the most powerful and successful nation in history to it's knees.

    I don't think the founding Fathers wanted a country where generations of people are born into welfare and live off the US Tit for life and then teach their kids to do the same. And I have seen it first hand for over twenty years. No wonder why Americans don't want to work for minimum wage. It's so sad.:(
  10. Stosh


    Some day the pendulum will swing the other way ..... but not until after a lot of pain and fury. We may have to go a lot further down the socialist road before things turn......hope not.
    #10     Jan 10, 2009