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  1. The following is an e-mail he sent out yesterday: (unverified)

    Call to Action

    Congressman Ron Paul, America’s best hope for the future.

    I recently had the pleasure of personally handing the Honorable Ron Paul (the only member of Congress truly worthy of that title) a $2,300 check (the legal maximum) as my contribution toward his presidential campaign. I have never given one dime to a politician (though Congressman Paul is more of a statesman then politician) in my life, and you know what; it felt great. It was the best $2,300 I ever spent. The purpose of this email is to urge every single one of my clients, every subscriber to my newsletter, and every one in my database, to make a similar contribution.

    There are over 60,000 names in my database. If a significant percentage of us donate $2,300 to Ron Paul, he will have a decent shot at being the Republican nominee, and he is probably the only Republican candidate capable of wining the Presidency in 2008. Come election time, this country will likely be in a severe recession, and Ron Paul is the only Republican able to distance himself from President Bush, who will clearly be blamed for the mess our economy will be in.

    Like me, Ron Paul was against America’s decision to invade Iraq. Unfortunately, our predictions regarding what would happen if we did have all been proven correct. However, the one good thing that could potentially come of this whole fiasco is that it may be the single biggest factor making Ron Paul so electable. If that is the price of putting the only principled man in Congress into the Oval Office then perhaps it was worth it.

    Unfortunately, most of the criticism of our phony economic expansion has come from the left. The mindless cheerleading of the right will leave them devoid of any credibility on economic issues. Ron Paul is the only Republican who can say “I told you so.” If, as a result of right wing rhetoric, voters blame capitalism for our problems, this nation will take a giant turn to the left. While many on the left have criticized the economy, they have mainly done so for the wrong reasons and their “solutions” will only make the situation worse.

    Fortunately we have the power to stop them and we cannot let the opportunity to do so pass us by. This is a unique moment in history, a fork in the road to serfdom. We may actually be able to prove our founding fathers wrong in their belief that democracy does not work (For those of you who do not know our nation was founded as a Republic not a Democracy). (book sales hype deleted) Perhaps with your help we can prove that the special interests of political factions can actually be overcome by an inspired electorate motivated solely by the love of freedom and a respect for the constitution.

    If you are fortunate enough to be one of my clients, writing a $2,300 check should not be a problem. As I have likely made you tons of money over the years, here is an opportunity to donate some of it to a worthy cause. We have made our money by betting against the U.S and betting against the dollar. Giving $2,300 of our winnings to Ron Paul gives us the opportunity to bet ON America for a change. And it’s a bet none of us can afford to lose, and the best part about it is that if we all make this bet together we can’t lose.

    My penchant for foreign investments has from time to time caused some of my critics to label me unpatriotic. While such attacks are clearly out of line, using some of our foreign profits to secure the election of Ron Paul goes a long way toward defusing such allegations.

    If you are not a client and you think $2,300 is a lot of money, it’s not. In fact, if Ron Paul is not our next President, such a sum will be practically worthless by the end of the term of whoever is. So what do you have to lose? Just write the check and hope for the best.

    Do not just send in $50 or $100, dig down deep and pony up. If you are married send him $4,600. Think of what is at stake. Let’s not let Ron Paul lose this election for lack of money. Think about the sacrifices others have made for this country. Think of those who have given their lives to secure the liberties we are now losing to a tyrannical Federal Government. The signers of the Declaration of Independence not only risked their sacred honor but their very lives. You have a chance to do something to reclaim the principles embedded in that document yet risk nothing but a lousy 2,300 bucks, the cost of a single plasma TV. If we all make that one small sacrifice, maybe, just maybe, those who have died defending our freedoms may finally rest in peace.

    Giving money or voting for any other political candidate, Democrat or Republican, is a complete waste of time, effort and money. The only person in the race whose victory will make any difference what-so-ever is Ron Paul. Even if he does not win, just having his positions heard by a wider audience will make a bigger difference to the country than the outcome of the election itself.

    Do not get me wrong; electing Ron Paul will not stop America’s day of reckoning from coming. The piper will have to be paid no matter who is in the White House. However, President Ron Paul will be extremely important if we are going to dig our way out of this giant hole. Any other declared presidential candidate will make the job far more difficult if not completely impossible.

    Rebuilding a viable industrial economy will require a return to our constitutional roots of limited government, low taxes, minimal regulation, and sound money. Ron Paul is the only candidate capable of bring those reforms about. He has already proven that his principles are more important then his own reelection. He is the only man in Congress I know that power did not corrupt. In fact, with Ron Paul as President, many others in Congress might actually find the courage to vote their conscience as well.

    If you do not know who Ron Paul is, visit his web site at and see for yourself. He is the real deal, a true statesmen and citizen politician in the traditions envisioned by the framers of our Republic. From time to time I get emails from people suggesting that I run for President. While such suggestions are indeed flattering, I realize that they are offered purely in jest. However, for those who agree with my take on things, a vote for Ron Paul is the closet thing to a vote for me that you will ever have an opportunity to cast. He understands the real problems facing our nation and knows what must be done to enable “we the people” to solve them for ourselves.

    Here is the link to make your contribution.

    If you donate by telephone or use the general donation web page, make sure to reference the project code “Schiff” when you do. That way I can better judge the effectiveness of this email.

    Once you have done so forward this email to every contact in your address book. Let’s give Ron Paul the greatest political war chest in history. In modern American politics money talks. With your help, Ron Paul’s voice can be the loudest one of all.


    Peter Schiff
    President and Chief Global Strategist
    Euro Pacific Capital
  2. Schiff is a good guy. He is just a bit too extreme on the perma bear side, that's all. Ron Paul is catching momentum. I hope that if doesn't get the nomination he runs as Independent.
  3. I pray to god Ron Paul gets elected and I'm not religious. He is the only one with a viable economic policy.
  4. He was asked on Fox whether he would run as an independent, and he said No.
  5. As you know in trading and in life, things are fluid. I watched that too. Taken in context, he is shooting for the Republican nomination, of course he isn't going to say that at this moment in time. If he doesn't get it, I hope he educates the general population on Libertarianism and why we should consider it.
  6. I like a lot of what he has to say with regards to domestic policies - except for what may be the most important issue of our day: fighting terrorism. Other than opposing the war in Iraq, what is his specific, coherent anti-terrorism policy? Does he believe in negotiating with them and "reasoning" with the terrorists as some of the dems espouse? Does he believe the Islamo-fascists are even a threat? He made some interesting comments concerning 9-11 at a debate which seemed to put the blame on us. If it wasn't for that and a couple of other things, I'd be interested in supporting him.
  7. He didn't put you or I to blame. He put American Foreign Policy to blame, or are you as naive as Rudy? It's called blowback and its real. You see recently that Ecuador said the only way they'll let us keep our base there is if we allow them to build one in Florida.

    Everyone says no way can we let another country be on our soil yet we have bases in 130 other countries. Don't you see how some would resent us? They don't want us there and now we are building an embassy the size of the Vatican in Iraq. We have no need to be there. Oil prices have gone up 400% since we've been there and the dollar has gone down about 40%.

    Please what reason do we have to be there? We are bankrupting our country.
  8. Please tell us if creating worldwide resentment against the US, and bankrupting the economy is an effective and coherent anti-terrorism policy.

    The war against the so-called islamo-fascism threat has turned the 1.3 billion muslims worldwide into instant enemies.
    Do you want to solve the terrorism problem killing them all?

    History also shows that a financially bankrupt country is less, not more, safe from external aggressions.

    Please tell us what have we achieved in terms of safety, after making the US more hated than ever, less free with an incipient police state, wasting hundreds of billions of dollars, and sending young kids to die for someone else's war.

    After all this, do you think we are safer than before?
    Ron Paul wants to stop this insanity by
    1. Stopping giving radical muslims reasons to hate us, and stop publicizing the US as an enemy and a threat to all muslims.
    2. Strengthening the US economy.
  9. Well, so do the DemoCraps... except they also want to turn us into the United Socialist States of Amerika.
  10. The democraps want to replace an insane system with some other one, but equally if not more insane.
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