Peter Schiff Is An Idiot

Discussion in 'Economics' started by misterno, Feb 14, 2009.

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    Peter Schiff called these events but is it true he did not take his own advice. I thought his fund was way down. Anyone know?
  2. Well, he is telling the real thing... problem is that the reason the whole world uses USD is more of a military rather then economic.
    He can give all the wise advices he can but abandoning dollar as a reserve currency is equal to committing suicide nowadays.
    Saddam Hussein did it... we all know what happened then.
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    He doesn't run a fund. He owns a broker/dealer.
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  6. Does anyone know or have a list of the latest stock picks from Peter Schiff that they can post or send to me? I'd like to diversify into the Asian market and I was just curious what he is promoting now.
  7. If my understanding is correct, he'd advocated a "recession-proof" portfolio. Problem, however, is big bad bear markets get almost everybody... regardless.

    And if you were in the minority missing getting clobbered so far, you're not out of the woods. Big Bad Bear will be taking more shots at you as he's only about 1/3 finished.
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    He is far from an idiot. Hey may be a terrible investment advisor, but his economic statements are spot on. Unfortunately, gov't can change the rules at anytime and wreak havoc on common sense and fundamental economic ideas..
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