Peter Schiff: Greece better of than the US

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    What do you expect? It's a scam, anyone who looks into the history and facts that Peter Schiff talks about usually recognizes that he's right, anyone who says otherwise is really just peddling the same garbage as the Federal Reserve and Ben Bernanke.
  2. USA is different from Greece. USA has the most powerful army.
  3. USA can just take over Canada and command any resources it wants if push comes to shove
  4. When USA goes down they will take the whole world with them by starting World War 3.
  5. America could "take over" lots of countries and their resources, but has not been our way.
  6. Bring it. :cool:
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    How is Greece bankrupt at 110% debt-to-GDP, but the US totally solvent at 100% debt-to-GDP?

    Just because the US can print itself out of debt, doesn't mean we've dodged the bullet. Printing simply changes the qualitative nature of the impending crash: from a deflationary Great Depression (stock market/real estate crash), to a hyper-inflationary Great Depression (>400% jump in hard assets) with a catastrophic loss of personal income, purchasing power and cash savings. It's six or one half dozen, and that's the bottom line everyone seems to ignore. Unless we stiff all foreign bond holders, the FED, and pension funds, we're in for a hell of a ride. The United States will be the next Argentina in about 4 years. Monetization assures we'll get a currency crisis, a rejection of the dollar, and a new currency. After the printing stops, how do we meet obligations on what could easily be a 20 Trillion dollar national debt? In a severe Depression with severe shortfalls in tax revenue? Or, do we print forever and crown Barack as the new Mugabe? This is an absolute nightmare.
  8. I believe that's Obama's plan... to COLLAPSE THE US ECONOMY WITH OVERWHELMING DEBT... (Cloward-Piven)... then, institute a NEW economic Socialistic/Fascist economy and governmental system.... his "social justice".

    Let's hope voters wake up in time to vote these bastards out before our fate is sealed... :mad: :mad:
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    Yea, I think you're right. Also, a similar theme outlined in Confessions of an Economic Hitman (how the IMF plunders third world countries through indebtedness > debasement > then consolidates assets for pennies on the dollar). The same folks that brought down Africa, Iceland and Greece, now have their sights on America&Europe. At it's crux, yes, I believe it's a political takedown of America. Economic warfare to usher in some type of social-fascist Dictatorship. Throw in a couple false flag terror attacks, and you and me will be dining together in gitmo, old buddy. Or worse :D
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