Peter Schiff getting ridiculed on CNBC.

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    Those anchors are morons and quite honestly I think anyone who doesn't at least take into account what Peter Schiff is saying is also a moron.

    Unless I see people backing up their attacks against Peter Schiff with some hard facts instead of acting like a bunch of ignorant and arrogant douches I'm just going to lol at them if they bitch about how much money they've lost or them being unemployed.
  2. His father is an 81 year old prisoner due to violations of the tax code... i.e refusing to pay taxes.

    It's too bad really... you can see why Peter is the way he is.. in a good way.
  3. Good Grief. The Fast Money bozos. No wonder.
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    Well, the dad is an idiot. He already spent a few years in prison in the late 80s, and obviously hasn't learnt not to fuck with Uncle sam, he is willingly spending his last years in prison, a clear mental case...
  5. wow it's cowards like you who are responsible for the downfall of society.

    irwin schiff is a great american patriot who should be lauded for his refusal to abandon his principles in the face of tyranny.
  6. You both are right. Most people would not do what he is doing, but he is admirable.
  7. my god he loves prison food
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    F timmy seymour and his slicked hair kunty attitude.

    p.s. melissa lee still cant pull off the big swinging dick attitude to host this show
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    if those clowns on CNBC, worst channel ever, were anti-government, then the advertizers would pull out and NBC would take a hit.

    all of this crap is manipulated.

    if you are on tv, the kool-aid has to be in your veins
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