Peter Schiff: bernanke is lying!!!!!

Discussion in 'Economics' started by S2007S, Apr 28, 2011.

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    Watch this, Peter Schiff is 10000000000000000% on the fucking money with what he is saying, just like I have been saying for years about bernankes lies Mr. Schiff is saying the same thing. Peter Schiff knows Bubble ben bernanke is lying....he said they will ignore the problem until it becomes a huge catastrophe....................

    Peter Schiff says there would be NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO DEFICITS if Bubble ben bernanke was monetizing them he is the enabler, he said if the fed had disciple and raised rates that would force congress to cut spending because the would no other way to sell these bonds!!!!

    Everyone laughed at Peter Schiff back 4-5 years ago when he yelled that the housing bubble was going to pop and that a crisis was at hand, no one listened to him and no one is listening to him now. You will come back to this video in the next year or two and see how right Peter Schiff was right.

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    Love him; too bad CT is so liberal. He could never get elected in the Northeast.
  3. Yeah, he should've done a reverse Hillary and run in TX or something.
  4. Schiff is good.

    He's been unfairly bashed for the 6 month downturn in 2008.

    Although I must admit I honestly can't stand listening to him anymore.

    I overdosed I guess.

    But he thought me a lot.
  5. But he thought me a lot.

    more often than not,

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  6. Larson

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    yeah, they mocked him like he was a fool several years ago. Now, it is obvious to all except the dim-witted who the real fools are. Actually, this is just common sense. Bernanke has not got the guts to do the right thing, so he lies.
  7. True. To be fair, Schiff's peers (including detractors) all had large DDs in 2008. He's a stock broker and very long-term money manager. That's who should be compared to--not day traders or swing-trading market timers.

    I can't speak for his actual account, but if you took his general advice and held on to a mostly PM and emerging/foreign stock portfolio since 2008, you'd be ahead of practically all the 60/40 stock/bond buy-n-hopers, pension fund managers, etc.
  8. Why do you like a guy who puts profit above and beyond the good of his own country, where he lives and where he sh*ts.

    By calling on everyone to sell US assets he is basically making the job of US enemies easier.

    More importantly, he makes ridiculus arguments. He argues that being unemployed is equivalent to being employed while the dollar is falling.

    I think he is the product of a free democratic country where people are free to make statements like that. If he lived in China and called on everyone to sell Chinese assets how long do you think it would take for him to have a bullet implanted at the back of his head?
  9. Larson

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    Frankly. I see nothing wrong with his arguments as a lot of it has come true, nor would I call him unpatriotic, as you infer.
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    thanks for the laugh...I needed that this morning
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