Peter King's hearings.

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  1. I found this very uplifting and healthy. Comments?

    A Christian's Concerns over King's Muslim Hearings:

    Congressman Peter King’s hearings on Capitol Hill this week about the radicalization of American Muslims have been the subject of great controversy. Many people have called for him to cancel the hearings. As I see it, we don't need to spend our time and money of holding hearings about what we already know: yes, there are a handful of dangerous radicals among the millions of American Muslims. What we really need to focus on in these hearings is how we connect with the Muslim community in healthy ways that respect the law and don't lead to profiling. We have a responsibility to figure out how to keep our nation safe from the violent few without targeting the peaceful many.

    This matters to me because I’m concerned about what kind of future am I creating for my children. I don’t want them to inherit a country that’s polarized on the basis of religion or treats one group as second-class citizens.

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  2. Using the same logic shouldn't they hold congressional hearings to investigate all members of the clergy for child abuse and kiddy porn?

    Should all members of the clergy be required to report their suspicions to law enforcement?

  3. Good points, but these hearings are even going past the clergy, to a whole religion. I see your point though, make all Catholics responsible for any radical or illegal activity within their flock. A bit weird, a bit un-American, a bit McCarthy.

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    I support the hearings because I want to know if the clerics are involved in radicalization or if they are not. I know Muslims have turned in other Muslims who where planning terrorist attacks but the fact remains that there are Muslims in America planning attacks. We shouldn't be afraid of holding hearings to determine the facts and see if we need to alter our approach to the Muslim community. Maybe we'll find that American Muslims are doing a good job policing their own community. Maybe we won't. Let's find out.
  5. Peter King has a neck to talk about radical anything the f*cking dirty IRA terrorist loving whore.
  6. This actually true. He was a huge apologist for the IRA. He tries to make the distinction that they were fighting an occupation, so I guess he would be OK with the la raza radicals conducting terrorism in the SW United States. He's certainly not the right guy to be leading these hearings.

    Basically, we do need to examine what is going on with the muslim community, before we get any more Ft. Hood-type massacres. Obama and the media like to pretend there haven't been any terrorist attacks but that is clearly untrue. We had the underwear bomber, the Times Square guy, the Ft. Hood guy and a few others I forgot. All were involved in radical mosques in the US.

    I know if militant Christians were getting radicalized in church and going out attacking muslims, there would be a shitstorm of hearings, denunciations by mainstream Christian groups, etc. With these muslims, we get CAIR trying to get talk show hosts fired every time they mention islamic terrorism and very little else. Where are the muslim leaders denouncing terrorism? Where is the recognition that they are the problem, not Israel or the US? Where are the demonstrations against terrorism? Why is it our responsibility to "reach out" to muslim groups, when they are the ones with the problem?

    No one is out to persecute them as a group, but until we get a beter handlke on what is hapopening, I believe we should halt any more muslims from immigrating here. We have enough home-grown problems.
  7. I'm a bit surpised AAA. I see visions of the day when they had IRISH NEED NOT APPLY, and all sorts of radical ideas based on the fact that they were simply different. House un-American activities committee of McCarthy. Don't we have police to take care of all hate crimes? Isn't the FBI, CIA, Homeland Security and all the cops in the U.S. capable of pursuing law breakers without having senate hearings to persecute a Religion? I'm not a big fan of any so called organized religions, for many reasons, but I just don't see the difference. Heck, we had the Crusades right?

    But, as the Christian leader said, if we can somehow reach out to the Islamic leaders for some good, then perhaps something good could come out of this.

  8. "No one is out to persecute them as a group."

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    It looks like the Jews take the brunt of the religous hate crimes. This is from th 2009 FBI statistics.

    Of the 1,575 victims of an anti-religious hate crime:

    71.9 percent were victims because of an offender's anti-Jewish bias.
    8.4 percent were victims because of an anti-Islamic bias.
    3.7 percent were victims because of an anti-Catholic bias.
    2.7 percent were victims because of an anti-Protestant bias.
    0.7 percent were victims because of an anti-Atheist/Agnostic bias.
    8.3 percent were victims because of a bias against other religions (anti-other religion).
    ¡4.3 percent were victims because of a bias against groups of individuals of varying religions
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