Peter King goes to far..

Discussion in 'Politics' started by daniel_m, Feb 13, 2003.

  1. i think this guy must have been using my posts as a guide to getting along with people... :D

    what a moron...

    so france disagrees (wrongly, imo) with the US position on iraq...ok fine. the last time i checked that was permissible wasn't it?

    i don't the differences of opinion get resolved by "relegating" the relationship with france (whatever that implies), or calling them a 2nd or 3rd rate nation, a "has been" (can you belive this guy??) helps smooth things over...

    and for his info, france certainly does share a common western lifestyle and the vast majority of american values. i would have thought that's the kind of people you want to respectfully disagree with and attempt to congenially persuade.... not hand them a "my way or the highway" ultimatum..
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    Disagreeing is one thing, vetoing is a totally different thing. When they veto a decision in NATO or UN and do not accept or offer any reasonable compromise, they are in essence saying "my way or highway".

    When coming from a 2nd rate "has been country" it makes it even more offensive. :)
  4. just how much of a "has been" is it though? world's fourth largest economy, still a mecca for tourism, and had better results under socialist policies than any other western country i've seen.

    i'd say they still count.

    and inaction is the status quo, so you can't flip their wait-and-see approach (if that's what it is) around to "my way or highway"..
  5. another moron grandstanding for joe and jane sixpack.