Pete Rose in Hall of Fame

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  1. Now that Pete has reluctantly admitted to gambling, but apparently his admissions fall short of what some were looking for, should he be allowed into the Hall of Fame?

    His achievements on the field certainly qualify him as a first ballot selection.

    But does his gambling on his team while he managed it and affect the outcome in favor of his wagers forever disqualify him?

    What do you think?


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    It is sad, but I feel that he disqualified himself.
  3. Dishonored the game, and thus does not belong in the Hall of Honor.

    He has plenty of Fame, and does not need to shame anyone who is already a part of the Hall of Honor.

    Besides, if you let Rose back in, then you better be ready to allow Shoeless Joe Jackson back in for his minor ( relatively speaking ) infraction.
  4. Agree with Waggie.

    Gotta let Shoeless in if you are going to bend for Pete.

    I believe INTEGRITY is another issue regarding entry.........

    Just a thought
  5. Charlie Hustle surely does deserve to belong in the hall of fame. What he did after his career ended shouldn't do away with all his on the field accomplishments. The question for me is when.

    It is interesting that multiple cases of drug abuse is forgivable yet gambling is not.

    Now the real controversy is whether he deserves to come back as a coach or manager as he would like. I personally think there's too much risk as a manager.
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    I agree 100%....His accomplishments on the field deserve to be noted in the HALL OF FAME....

    ROBERTO ALOMAR spit on an umpire for crying out loud....this flake has a 60-70% chance of making the HALL
  7. In the hall for accomplishments as a player: yes.

    Back in baseball as a representative of the game: no.

    Back as a manager: no.

    This guy is scum, pure and simple, but a hall of fame player.

    Until they yank O.J. out of the pro football hall of fame, Pete belongs in the baseball hall of fame.

    However, I would also have a full detail of his scummy behavior right next to his plaque.

    While they are at it, would those jerks please put Shoeless Joe Jackson in the hall where he belongs.
  8. What makes you think he wasn't betting on baseball through his whole career? Surely you're not prepared to take his word for it? Were you lying to me then or are you lying to me now Pete? At this point, it doesn't matter what he did on the field - he's lost all credibility and demonstrated zero integrity. Should be barred forever.
  9. So long as Petey wasn't betting against his team and then throwing games, wtf is the big deal here? I mean even if he made bets on his team to win, whats the problem, he was just showing some confidence in his boys. Shit I make bets on myself 3-5 times a day with every play I put on...

    Benard Hopkins bet a half mil on himself in Vegas when he fought Trinidad and nobody said shit to him. And I doubt very many people in America saw it as somehow unethical to do either.

    Baseball should stop mixing ethics with entertainment. When I pay my money to see sports I really couldn't care less what they do outside the game so long as it does not directly impact the integrity of the game, and I can't see how betting for your team to win would do so.

    Opt why you call him a scum-bag? You trade for a living I suspect, wich is one of the purest forms of gambling there is and yet you judge this guy for gambling?
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    Ah bro, as usual......nobody says it better than you!
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