Peta Slams Chris Christie

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    I'll go along with Christie on this one. I hate spiders.

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    On Friday, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie posted a video showing him smashing a spider on his desk in front of a group of visiting school children. In a statement provided to TPM, Ingrid Newkirk, president of People For The Ethical Treatment of Animals, described Christie's killing of the spider as a thoughtless act.

    "He probably did it without thinking. Some people put the spider outside, but spiders are often scary to people, and that can prevent them from pondering their worth," Newkirk said.

    This isn't the first instance of a high-profile politician killing an insect on film. In 2009, President Barack Obama swatted a fly during a televised interview. President Obama's fly-killing provoked a similar response from PETA, which released a statement dubbing it an "executive insect execution" that criticized peoples' thoughtless treatment of insects.
  2. How could he help it. Flies eat shit, you know!
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    They love Obama. He's a fly magnet. :)
  4. Chris Christie ..... smashing a spider

    Well he has got my wife's vote and all my kids..and mine because that is one less thing I have to do..smash spiders.

    people die from spider bites....if killing that spider saves just one life.... do it for the children...spider was probably looking for drugs.......high...or selling drugs....

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  5. Does PETA even have a clue about all the people bitten by Brown Recluse and Black Widow spiders in the US each year that suffer serious medial issues.

    I say we gather up the spiders and deliver them to the homes of PETA members.
  6. That;s just raccist..:mad: :D :D