PETA Says No More Fly-Killing

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  1. This is unbelievable. If Obama is such a heartless fiend that he could take another creatures life with remorseless delight, how can we trust him to lead the country? This is just another example of the anti-fly agenda running amok. This would never happen on George W's watch. He even spent trillions creating habitat.


  2. I think in that book "The Shack", God and/or Jesus is fishing....or killing fish.

    What is this world coming to, and how will our children ever know right from wrong?

    Note: gurus still suck.

  3. Dogfish


    I suppose they'd give benefit of the doubt to tsetse fly too - whilst they can still see them

    And I hope PETA members don't use antibacterial soap if they care for the smallest organisms, those lil e.coli guys got rights dammit! Give em a home in your guts because one day they may evolve into little fluffy kittens :p
  4. ROFL!!!

    PETA is funny!
  5. Where is the bidding at on EBay for the dead fly?. :cool:
  6. alien bacteria enter my nostril every nano second of the day. my body's natural bacteria swiftly kills them.

    I am going to counsel my own bacteria as we should all be getting along. Bad things should be allowed to coexist.

    PETA and the US Humane Society (USHS) kill more cats and dogs each year than about all other shelters aggregate, combined.

    Both are the biggest mega-million $$ hypocritical charity frauds in the nation, bar none.
  8. Obama is a murderer.
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