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  1. Had to put my cat down this evening. She was 18 and a damn good friend as far as cats go. I'll miss her, but it was time. Her name was Tricky.

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  2. Sorry to hear that, we had to put down our 19 year old terrier last August so I feel your pain.
  3. Sorry.
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    sorry to hear, that sucks but its better for the pet to go out without pain.....we had to do that for our 19 year old cat back when I was younger and 18
  5. My faithful companion is gone. Had to put her down today. She was 13. Gave me much love and a thousand laughs. She was a good dog! I will miss her.
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  6. I'm not that reserved. I put down my Springer last year, and cried for two days. The vet sent me this beautiful card signed by everybody because I was such a rag.

    The poor thing was at the point he could hardly get up or move, and of course, the day of the deed, he's up, about went for a walk. And then, in the back of the car, before we go in, he takes his paw, lifts it in the air, and puts it on my forearm.

    God I'm almost sorry I saw this, and dredged up these emotions.


    Sorry, man. Really really sorry. Nice tribute, though. Nice.
  7. Sorry.

    I always had black labs but a couple years ago I got a chestnut beagle just like yours. Good dogs. The first time I let the dog chase a squirrel, the squirrel ran up the tree and the dog kept running past the tree, clueless. {:>)
  8. Very sorry for your loss, Capt O.
  9. All condolences are much appreciated. I was OK, well kinda' Ok, until I started gathering up her toys yesterday. That did me in.
    Again, I appreciate your kind thoughts.
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