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    Anybody here have pesavento labels (labeling HH/HL, LH/LL) on your OEC plattform??

    So many things I am missing on their plattform!! starting to get a bit annoyd..


    Annyways, thanks to anybody who can help.

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    I have OEC. If you want to use pesavento then you're going to have to find a third party program developer to write the program for you. Contact OEC technical support for further info, they might be able to give you an idea of who could write it for you....

    be advised though.......OEC is not responsible for third party apps that dont work correctly on their plattform...if something goes wrong with the program and you lose have no recourse!!

    Good luck.....
  3. Annoyed? Have you attempted to find what you want in EL and then use OEC's compiler to see if it works? If I had to guess, no. I already did a couple a moving averages for you that were easy, so I dont know what you are so annoyed at.

    Also, if it doesnt do exactly what you want then find another charting package. Keep in mind OEC is free. So don't expect it to have everything that you want. Also, why not try and do something for yourself instead of just asking on here.

    Just an idea.
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    Don't get me wrong, I am very pleased with the plattform as a whole- and absolutely love the trade mode in the chart! I would not want to change broker.

    However I feel that there are a few features that they should have included in their plattform which you can find in a competitors like Tradestation.

    Yes I have tried compiling files, but there is allways something wrong with the code so it won't be done. And I have no clue in what to change. I have allso tried emailing their costumer service, but there is little help from them. They only sent me their "costum indicator user guide", which I have read over and over again, but it has not helped me much.

    I must thank you for the help you have given me, very much appriciated! Thank you.

    Another problem with their plattform is that you can not use importet moving averages with their "coloring" feature. So the Hull MA that I imported, can not be used in the way that I wanted it to be.

    But as I said, I do not want to change broker. And I am aware of the fact that they offer free charting packages which is great! But as I also mentioned, I think they have forgotten some basic stuff which their competitors do have, or at least it is much easier to import, and they are free as well. But again, I do not want to change broker!

  5. Doesnt look like you tried to hard.

    Of course OEC isnt going to help you with easy language. What they have is just a compiler to help someone out that already has EL files. A simple google search will yield two PDF's about easy langauge. That's where I started.
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    Is that the HMA? Buddy, I have tried. Bealive me! But I have no clue in coding, what so ever. I tried over and over again using the coloring feature, and showcase feature with my imported moving average but no luck. I asked them if it was even possible to use imported moving averages with any of these to features, (did not ask them how, asked them if it was possible) - the answer I got was: No, you can only use the moving averages we have provided in the plattform.

    If you could please guide me towards the PDF files you are refering to?

  7. Google, search "Easy language PDF". First two links.

    Didnt think you would need help finding it on google, but you didnt even attempt to find it on your own. Just a lot easier to ask someone to do it for you I suppose.
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    I have found this ELD-file, perhaps anybody know how to convert it into an EL-file. OEC can not read ELD-files.
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    I ment to put in a "question mark there"!
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