Perspectives on perspective

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You must take a position now; Long or Short ?

  1. Long

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  2. Short

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  1. Here's a hypothetical market.

    What's your perspective ?

    Long or Short ?

    Please vote and use this thread to comment about your perspectives.

    (The hypothetical chart is in the following post)
  2. Here's the Chart !
  3. 1) 1-1? :confused:
    2) ?.......Elliott Wavers would be excited about a rally to ~$56. :cool:
    3) Trend Followers would expect a decline to ~$49. :)
    4) You could expect a lot of buy-stops at ~$53 from "old shorts" and "new longs". :eek:
    5) "Big Money" would want to buy it at ~$50 and rally it to ~$63 for a complete retracement of the entire downtrend. :D :p