Personalized Earnings Calendar?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by 1daytrader, Nov 6, 2009.

  1. Hi, let's say I have a watchlist of stocks and I want to know when each of them will be reporting earnings.

    Is there any website that provide this feature?
    Hopefully in a format that's easy to read, for example, a calendar with company's ticker symbol marked on the date of their earning's release.

    Right now I can't find a site out there that does this, you'd have to look up each company's date one by one.
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    Try this. It's what I use. It isn't quite what you're looking for, but it might work for you. I originally got this from someone on ET, I think it was one of the Jack Hershey traders.

    What it is, is an excel file that goes out and retrieves the next earnings date from Yahoo, Clear Station, and Zacks and lets you know the number of days until the next earnings report according to each data source. There are often discrepancies and errors from the different data sources, so you want to check all three, and maybe even as a backup . It's how I stay clear of trading stocks that will be reporting earnings in the next couple of days.

    Maybe someone else has something better.
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    Sorry, the spread sheet didn't get attached. Here it is.
  4. I use Google Calendar... It automatically creates company events based on your Google Finance portfolio stocks.. also decent once you register and create a list.
  5. thanks gentlemen