Personality types dictate your trading preference?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Nutinsider, Jul 9, 2012.

  1. I just joined the forum a week ago and have received lots of tips and feedback on a few of my posts.

    Some people I have chatted with trade gaps.... some scalp (arbitrage bid asks), some trade stocks...some do futures...some forex...Really interesting stuff, but where to begin!?

    but I'm wondering, for a relatively new player in trading, where would you start?

    Operate with the following assumptions: You have a finance background, a degree in economics, you read the financial publications and watch shows such as yahoo's daily ticker and such daily, you have investing experience and your portfolio contains a mix of equities, long term treasuries, precious metals, foreign currencies, real estate, and cash positions. You are reasonably in tuned with the market.

    Most of your trading experience is....meh, growing.

    What strategy did you choose and why? Do some strategies require more capital outlay? If so, what strategy would be optimal assuming a capital outlay of under 100k, no prop?

    Are certain strategies "traps" for new traders?