Personal slaves are OK with Repubs

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  1. How nice and oh so typical.

    Proposed Texas immigration law contains convenient loophole for ‘the help’.

    Texas has long been a hotbed of controversy on immigration issues. And a proposed immigration bill in the Texas state House is sure to raise more than a few eyebrows. The bill would make hiring an "unauthorized alien" a crime punishable by up to two years in prison and a $10,000 fine, unless that is, they are hired to do household chores.

    Yes, under the House Bill 2012 introduced by a tea party favorite state Rep. Debbie Riddle -- who's been saying for some time that she'd like to see Texas institute an Arizona-style immigration law -- hiring an undocumented maid, caretaker, lawnworker or any type of houseworker would be allowed.
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    They are trying to let everyday people off the hook when they just hire someone to do random stuff around the house. You cant possibly expect someone to check the social security number, and verify that every single person who comes to take care of some kind of maintenance around their house is here legally.

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    Good point. Of course it's merely incidental that wealthy people with full-time, live-in help(ers) would be exempted. And does the work have to be just "maintenance", could it be paperwork? Phone calls?
  5. I think that part of the law is for the protection of the average citizen. I know I have never checked the guy who cuts my lawn to see if he is illegal. And havent any of you ever hired someone to clean your house? I bet you never checked if they had a green card. Lots of regular joes hire people to come around once every couple of weeks to clean or do yardwork. Would it be fair to charge these people $10,000 as a fine and 2 years in prison?
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    As long as the casual course of activity is clearly delineated from the commercial course I have no real brook with it.
  7. Yes, as a matter of fact I do expect them to check every single person for proper credentials to be in this country. I also expect them to not be such f'n hypocrites on the subject of illegal immigration. No illegals, period! Can't do that, won't do that? Then just open the god damn border and be done with it. I grown really weary of listening to the debate when it's painfully obvious that neither repubs or dems want a solution. Repubs want the slave labor, Dems want the votes, and they both want an issue to blather on about during campaign season.
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