Personal savings in U.S. drop to 74-year low

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    Pretty uninformative article really...there are so many points that weren't discussed...any such article actually discussing what is reported, not reported, and how it's accounted for would be 10 pages minimum probably.

    Article doesn't seem to say much.
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    something has stunk for some time. i've been wrong for some time , but i'm sticking with my rydex tempest 500 fund .
  3. Personal savings/income numbers are skewed by the growing black (cash) market.
  4. Yeah, and they don't cound certain investments as savings. Most folks I know keep only enough money in the bank to tide them over until they could sell investments in times of emergency. Is the typical savings account even keeping up with inflation?

  5. Eventually...thats another way to think of the mechanism they use to slow the economy. This implies that right now, they think there is just enough money out there circulating. Interesting...
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    is the ticker on that RYTPX?
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    yes .
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