Personal Rules

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  1. Here are my Personal Rules.

    Please share yours.

    Personal Rules

    1. 3 Shots a day
    2. I don’t have to trade everyday
    3. When shorting be prepared to go long
    4. Don’t over trade
    5. Don’t force it
    6. Feel the force
    7. Don’t get cocky
    8. Believe and act on what you see and not what you want to see
    9. Think for yourself
    10. Dream BIG
    11. A man becomes what he thinks about all day long… I’m a GREAT TRADER
    12. Winners build on mistakes. Losers dwell on them.
    13. Victory is mine.
  2. 1. Take a shot, use a stop.
  3. Cheese


    What sort of childish horsesh*t is this?
    You don't list any trading plan or any tested capability to know your market, so the best thing you can do is fold up your tent and go home.
  4. From ("Feel the force" and "Dream BIG" are MY favs.)
  5. I actually liked your rules

    Its good rules

    1. 3 Shots a day

    This is a very nice rule.

    Although when I was starting out I was trading over 20-30 times.

    But of course you need to keep slicing 1000s of times before you can become a master chef until you can be a one slice one dead fish chef.

    But after you start trading a nice sizable amount

    3 shorts a day, very good rule. It keeps you away from chop.
    You also need to know where you are picking your shots, whats your system like, high risk? when to trade, low risk ? when to trade , wide stops? when to trade.

    But cool.
  6. Cheese,

    While most of your posts are borderline rude (yet realistic), I have to agree with you on this one. This guy's a sheep walking into a wolves den.
  7. grasshopper - can you catch the pebble from my hand?
  8. You can still do 20-30 trades per day, but "3 shots" ought to be enough for anyone to get the day rolling.
  9. LOL

    A little Johnny Walker does it for me...
  10. 30% uncle point when trading without stops

    Trade a plan without discretion on the fly.

    Shoot for 25% a year.

    Trade within your means, identify how much screen time you have and what you can tolerate.

    If your are not in synch with the market that you are trading do not trade until you are.

    Excel spreadsheets are handy tools, use them!

    Go to the gym daily to get perspective and excercise my body.

    Eat several small meals per day that have a volume of a palm size portion.

    Take periodic breaks from trading lasting several days.
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