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  1. I understand that some readers object to my mentioning my book or website.

    To them I apologize, but I'm very excited to announce that The Rookie's Guide to Options is currently the #1 Best-selling Options book at

    I know that will not remain true, but I'm taking this opportunity to thank everyone who helped make this possible.

    Thank you.

  2. You should be proud. Congrats!
  3. Congradulations !

    That is pretty impressive and I am happy for you.
  4. wayneL


    Hey Mark,

    While some of the other clowns I strongly object to, your stuff is fair dinkum and gives the neophyte an accurate picture of the options trading landscape.

    Your stuff is a help, rather than a pie in the sky dream building jerk-off exercise like most of the other crap out there.

    It's OK by this ET reader.

    Wayne (from )
  5. Retief


    If you can't trade, then write and promote your work everywhere you can.
  6. wayneL


    While that is certainly common in trading, trading successfully and writing a book are not mutually exclusive.

    If this were true, we should be suspect of books written in other fields of business and performance.

    Richard Branson and Donald Trump have both written books. Whether or not their style tickles your fancy, there is no question that they are good and successful businessmen.

    What is wrong with some non-correlated business returns FFS?

    Mark seems to be the real deal IMO.

    That said, others are worthy of every piece of shit that we can hang on them. Let's hang shit where it needs hanging... not here.

  7. Congrads on your book.

  8. Whats the name of the book?

  9. spindr0


    AFAIK, if the mention of the book is OK with the management, it's OK by me.

    What I find interesting is:

    1) I've never read a noob's post who panned the book after reading it

    2) The bulk of the peeps who slam the mention of his book tend not to be helpful to those who request assistance here.

    3) During my 7-8 years on options boards that Mark participates in, I've seen him patiently spend a lot of time helping people understand options, particularly noobs who can drive you cwazeeeee :)

    While we don't always agree on everything option-wise, I respect his participation and presentation.

    Congrats Mark!
  10. Ditto.

    Congratulations Mark and keep up the good work.

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