Personal Injury Lawyer Spreads Drug-Resistant TB

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  1. Andrew Speaker, a 31-year-old personal injury lawyer, flew trans-Atlantic and additional flights while knowingly infected with a rare and dangerous form of tuberculosis. Hundreds of people in multiple countries were exposed to the contagious mycobacterium.

    The following was posted by Mr. Speaker on the web site of his fathers Atlanta Personal Injury Law Firm. When he is sued by those he exposed to drug-resistant TB, the plaintiffs attorneys should quote the following.

    <i>Paralyzed skier awarded 14 million

    After a five week trial a skier was awarded 14 million after he was paralyzed in a fall from a ski jump at the Summit at Snoqualmie. The original verdict was for 31 million, but was reduced because of comparative fault on the part of the skier. It was determined that the jump was not constructed properly. Instead of being engineered, the design was simply constructed by a bobcat pushing the snow without any set direction. This is a good reminder of two things. One is that you must always be careful when pushing yourself physically and taking risk. The jump was the equivalent of a fall from a three story building, these types of risk cannot be taken lightly. Second, <b>the people that we put our trust in need to be held accountable for the dangerous situations they create.</b> If the jump had of been properly designed, as it should have been, this may have never happened.</i>

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