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Discussion in 'Educational Resources' started by BCE, Nov 29, 2002.

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    Don't have time to get into it fully now but wanted to solicit opinions from other traders in these forums in regard to us sharing with one another our experiences and opinions of the different software, hardware, brokers, and other services we've used without the threat of legal suits from some of the firms and services. I was just threatened here by I had wanted to share my experiences freely but won't now as I'm not willing to get involved in this way. It's a shame. Quoting myself and stating my opinion on this, "That's what these boards are about, traders sharing their personal experiences with other traders to help each other out. If firms do start to threaten traders with lawsuits for expressing their personal opinions that will be the end of a large part of the usefulness of these boards."
  2. What ever happened to "Free Speech" ...
  3. I have been wondering about that for some time too. I guess it still exists if you can afford a good lawyer. And that sucks big time.

    Have you heard this one: what do you call 10,000 lawyers at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean? A good start...

    Yeah, that's an old one, but it still applies.
  4. didn't both sides have their say? can't we all just get a long?
  5. Not really; Green threatened litigation and the story never came out ...
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    Actually I didn't really get my say which is the point I'm making. Rather than "can't we all just get along?" I'd say, "Can't we disagree without being disagreeable?"
  7. I know how you feel. I was once threatened by some big shot trader-educator who blatantly violated full disclosure on his web page that if I ever mentioned that on any public forum he would sue me. I did not want to waste my time on that even if I thought that I would be able to defend myself, except it would be my lawyer to win and not me. I decided to agree on his conditions and you know what happened? The guy then insulated me saying that I wanted to steal his 'valuable' work. So first he gets my money by failing to disclose everything I was supposed to know and then he dares to insult me when I decided to be agreeable. Yes, you can do it, courtesy of the #$%^$%&** legal system we all have to suffer from.