Personal economic observations part I

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  1. Went to the mall yesterday.

    Place was packed.
  2. How many shopping bags did you see? Below average, average, above average?

    There was prior thread with the same subject yet retail sales at the stores in the mall are still horrible. Other than HOTT, BKE and ARO, all mall occupants saw sales declines, some by double digits.

    It shouldn't be of any surprise that Walmart saw sales increase while Target, Costco and Kohl's all declined. NDN, DLTR, and FDO all are reporting above consensus earnings.

    People are saving now. Mish has an entry on his blog citing mortgage brokers offering 30 year mortgage rates below the 5% rate thats being reported by the press. Does anyone really believe there is a credit crunch? lol. It's called consumer debt deflation. There's cheap money out there but noone wants it. There won't be a recovery until consumers fell they've worked down their balance sheets to a point where they feel comfortable to take on debt again.
  3. Stores, auto dealers, shoppes - all clearing out inventory to raise cash, some in anticipation of closing, sadly.

    There are some great buys for those who plan on racking up their credit cards to the max and tell the bank to GFT, also....a two-fer, if you will.
  4. A mall full of gold coin and guns&ammo stores? :cool:
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  6. Same here. Went to pick up some paintball guns for our "Team". Place was packed full of people on friday spending 150 to 1000 easy on paint ball gear.

    Resturants are packed on the weekends. The shopping centers are packed.

    Downtown is dead but that is normal for San Antonio. However, a lot of Action on the River Walk.

    Looked at the Caymen S series on thursday, Dealership was dead but the salesmen said that sales are steady.

    "Economics is local". Texas is by far one of the healthest economies in the US right now.

    I have no Idea why all you guys who truly trade for a living or have a not pack up and move to DALLAS, HOUSTON, AUSTIN OR SAN ANTONIO.

    No state tax, low energy cost, cost of Lofts, homes are so cheap.

    Life style is a change but when you can stack up chips, who cares. I fly when I need to get away.

    The States that are controlled by the DEMS are finished. Read the article below..

    The "SUN BELT" will survive and thrive as the rest of the country sinks. A lot of capital is flowing into the region by both US and Forigen sources. A lot of growth, commerce, and Internatinal Trade. Plenty of source income.
  7. I agree about the sunbelt surviving while Michigan sinks deep under the the earth.
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    Don't worry. Obama and his buddies will keep the country in a rolling recession. Taking from those who work and make some money and giving it to those who won't and don't. His first month was a fools disaster and I can't wait for the next 47.
  9. Yeah but how about the malls in detroit, Michigan?
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    I'm going to check it out, living in So. Cal is sort of dreary... except that I can have Mediterranean weather in Santa Barbara and even better weather in San Diego, can sail the Pacific and ski in Big Bear... on the same weekend, and I have not even mentioned the northern half yet... yeah, I really want to pack up and go to Texas... can't hardly wait in fact... see 'ya soon, keep waiting for all us Californians to migrate over there...
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