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Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by tyrant, Dec 23, 2005.

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    Hi all,

    I have started a personal blog with diverse information on trading like psychology, quotable quotes, mechanical trading systems, expectancy, position sizing etc etc. Feel free to visit my blog

    I am constantly updating it so please come back for more nuggets.

    Drop in comments and if you would like anything added to the site, please let me know.

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    nkhoi Moderator

    please restrain yourself from posting on multiple forums, your blog is linked to many commercial avenues, are you current ET sponsor?
  3. How much would that cost? I am thinking of becoming the "howard stern" of trading and this might be a way to get started cheaply.

    Also I need to contact young ladies willing to trade naked in front of my cameras (pay per view) and in return I will finance their breast implant surgery. They must be complete bimbos with no clue as to how to trade. If possible I would like them to be almost completely computer illiterate. I appreciate any help you might provide.

    Best Regards,

  4. Please keep it going into the New Year!
  5. tyrant


    I intend to post what I deem are useful information into my personal blog. Most trading blogs I have seen are actually quite unorganised. By adding little gems through time, I hope that it would build into a convenient collection of information related to trading.

    Trading is a long journey and I know I have come a long way. From the days of reading every book I can get my hands on, I am more toned down now and through all the knowledge I acquired through the 100's of books I read and other sources, I have moulded my trading methods. Many of the books are quite useless actually but it is only through time, that youcome to realise it. Many of my ENDLESS own questions regarding trading are actually answered by myself after assimilating all the information and experience I gather. Nevertheless, I never hesitate to ask questions on things that I am unsure of and I believe that is very important. In a sense, every effort you make is not wasted in trading. I hope my little trading blog will provide benefits to every trader who comes to the blog.

    I will add more sections later and if there is a particular sector or aspect of trading you would like info on, please suggest and I will consider adding them.

    I am actually a novice in computer but I am thrilled to be able to build my own blog. I really like constructing little things that add to the "sophistication" of the site. I would like to move into more complicated websites construction later.


  6. You see, part of the impending problem you face has to do with the fact that you did not answer the moderator's question.

    We often see "new" posters who claim to be using ET for their private journals or commentary, when in fact they are interested in promoting a commercial venture. Ultimately the administrators have to close them out. It really is a shame, because after all it is possible that your idea, whatever it may be, could really be helpful to us all.

    So I have an idea that might help you to stay on and to avoid getting the hook. What I think you might want to do is to post items that will capture the attention of "special interest groups" that no one addresses now.

    There are several such groups that are overlooked and under served. They are 1. Traders who are pregnant.....2. transsexuals/trans gender traders......and 3. Traders with "Multiple Personality Disorders". In each case, you have great potential for sales into the future. Why? Because when it is said and done, members of each group are buying for two (or more) !! No other group(s) of potential subscribers offers you the potential to double your business volume in a short time period.

    You will have to use your imagination to develop topics of interest for each group, but I am sure you can do it. revenues from the multiple personality group alone should put you in the black right away.

    Examples of possible topics include:

    Morning sickness and the pregnant trader
    Cross dressing scalpers
    Technical analysis and your "inner child"
    Swing trading for schizophrenics
    Options trading for masochists

    Good luck

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  8. zdreg


    your suggestion to make " special interest groups" his audience is interesting. however as you hint even yourself the multiple personaltiy disorder group of ET posters is not an exclusive group . perhaps it is the most inclusive group of posters on ET. Per your guideline he should not appeal to this group as this would most likely get him thrown off the board.:)
  9. tyrant


    Hi nkhoi,

    No, I am not a current ET sponsor. Sorry for the delay in reply as I have overlooked the rules. I will be starting a new thread in the Trading Forum, which I hope will bring benefits or inspiration to some.