Person on welfare receives better insurance than me. I'm $uckin PISSED

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  1. So I go to the doctor, everything goes good and I end up paying. It cost me $35 for the visit, and I have a bill coming of about $300 (as I have to meet a certain deductible)

    As I was leaving, I had a question and turned around. There was someone else in front of me, and I figured I'd just wait until they were done to ask the question.

    From their conservation I found out that this lady was on welfare, and had as far as I know, probably the best insurance you can purchase. Her co pay was $0, and owed absolutely NOTHING in doctor fees.

    I couldn't help myself, I had to ask this lady about this and she confirmed that, indeed there is $0 copay, $0 deducible on all her doctor visits.


    Why the $uck should someone who is a drain on the economy have better insurance than I do?

    I literally am barely getting by, money is extremely tight as I'm starting a new business, spending quite a bit of money, and just had to pay a lot in taxes due October 15 (No prop firm ever gets that K1's in time). So pretty much at the time being... I'm very illiquid and not able to sleep with much peace as I'm worrying a little bit about my financial situation.

    I work hard, I'm trying to start a new business on the side to $uckin create jobs, I pay my $uckin taxes, and then I see some bitch who is a damn drain on the system walk up with the best insurance money can by.

    If I ever see any damn democrat say we need more damn social programs, I will punch them in the face.

    My josh, what a slap in the face
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    check out "refugees" will be really surprised..
    they got everything..i mean EVERYTHING for free..
  3. keep voting republican. sure republicans will try their best to kick the poor to the street but that will not help you much. they believe people should pay what the market will bear for insurance and if you happen to get in a position where you cant pay your premiums tough luck.
    a public option with premiums extracted from income would be the best thing for someone starting a business,like you. do you think republicans will ever support that?
  4. You are barking up the wrong tree. Reagan tripled the national debt, Bush doubled it. There has not been one democratic president in the last 30 years or so who even came close to doubling national debt.
  5. If you are a male over 40 in the US, you're on the bottom of the rung.
    You've got to be in the minority to receive those special perks today...women, elderly, children.
    Attend some county court child support hearings.....and you'll get the picture. Men are threatened to pay exhorbitant amounts of money to women or else face jail time.
    Grim times for males in the USA.
  6. but obama has managed to do over 40% in less than 3 years... run rate that out and he'd be be giving reagan a run for his money...

    but alas we won't see what he's capable of because he'll be gone after 1 term
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    The OP is correct as I know someone on the government nipple but good luck trying to find a doctor who will take it. She's got a messed up knee and she can't find an Orthopaedic Surgeon in the entire state who will take Medicaid. Reason? They pay $31 per visit. Doctors would have to close their doors taking too many patients like that.

    The state will assign you a family doctor but good luck getting one that speaks English. It's not as rosey as it sounds but there definitely are some perks to the system.
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    They shouldn't.

    Thanks liberals.
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    WTF does that have to do with the tread topic?
  10. WAR on the middle class , haven't you heard?
    not just coming from the upper class, but also the give aways from government to the lower class.
    O and also, if your a middle aged caucasian born in America you have no rights also compared to the race and separate minorities in these countries. ( Canada / USA )

    BUT !!!, We who earn , and not take hand outs will live a more respectable sense of ownership and sense of accomplishment for where we are in life.

    BUT !! BUT !!, yes we should not allow these stereo types on the average Joe/Jane go any further, and or get some respect back.
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