Persistence hunting

Discussion in 'Psychology' started by maxpi, May 28, 2009.

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    Persistence hunting is how little guys with short spears can kill a large animal. They cut it out of the herd and keep after it, not letting it eat or drink until it just is too exhausted to fight at all and they walk up and kill it.

    Do you ever feel like people on ET are persistence hunting you? You come here for a little food and water and instead you get a lot of insults to your sensibilities, intelligence, etc.. like maybe a lot of posters just have a murder streak in them and it can play out fifty different ways but it always will end with you exhausted and just waiting for the food and water that they won't allow you to have?
  2. I agree. I don't like it either but not to the extent that I feel they are "hunting" me. There are way too many negativities on ET. Very uncivilized. Signal-to-noise ratio is way too low.

    What I do... only pick the topic with a meaningful discussion to read. (e.g. I skip all those "jack hershey" this and that and puretick this and that, and iterative/idiotic refinement this and that or I will help other traders if god hels me this and that.) Not much left to read. But some are funny.
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  5. You mean like mutants following you? I know what you mean but thats conservatives.
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    I'm hitting the ignore button evermore nowadays... and the meds too... life is better, those little guys with the spears, when I see them now I just say "go away little guys with spears, you're not real.. and if you turn out to be real, well I've got a gun..."

    Seriously, there are so many people posting that are here just to litter the place with inanity...