Perry Out

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  1. Who knew? Newt be a playa'. He needs to capitalize on this at the next debate. Come out wearing a wide brim feathered hat, a fur coat, and have this tune blasting while he strolls out.
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  2. There is nothing newt can do to hurt Obama.Newt has been taking shots at Obama for years and at every debate

    Every time newt attacks Obama Obamas media will immediately step in remind people newt is a freak who wants open marriages
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  3. Maverick74


    A freak? He is no different then Bill Clinton or 95% of the men in this country. LOL.
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  4. Brass


    Aside from Gingrich's repeated contention that the US is straying from its moral values and principles, and that the country needs him to restore full and proper Christianity by way of example. A oneness with God the Father and all that is good. You have to ask yourself, Is he just lying to me or to himself as well? The only thing you can be sure about is the lying part.
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  5. Epic


    I think that he is absolutely capable of convincing himself of his grandeur and high moral fiber.
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  6. Yeah, it's hard to read through the biases involved on the board. It seems that many are hoping Newt will prevail and then be an attack dog on Obama. I agree with you, I think Mitt is going to be the guy to try to beat the President.

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  7. Brass


    Not a chance. Even lighting his own pants on fire won't create enough of a smokescreen to cover his tracks.
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  8. 96% if you include me.
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  9. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    Maybe Newt should be Mormom? Ahahahaha!!
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  10. Maverick74


    No, he should be a democrat. :D
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