Perry Out

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    And then there were 4.
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    Santorum next, just a matter of time.
  3. Gingrich out next? Drudge says shocking interview with ex-wife will air tonight.
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    Yeah maybe. His ex has something really bad to say according to...Drudge.
  5. My sympathies Maverick. After Cain/etc, another one of the candidates you started threads about is out. Do you need some tissue to wipe the tears?

    I knew he was out before he was in. Only stupids could follow candidates like Cain/Perry. But they can take comfort in knowing there may have been people who actually believed in worse: "that they could win".
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    I've supported Paul and Johnson since the beginning. How is that journal going TJ?
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    Yes, you've been clear and consistent Mav.

    Tradingjournals...every village has got one. Pay him no mind.
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    Do a search TJ. It's all there. Let me know when you need me to spot you another $100 for another FX journal. I've got your back. :)
  9. Well, the story was that the conservative wing of the GOP asked Rick Perry to quit because, quite frankly, he was splitting the conservative vote.

    It has been announced that Santorum actually won Iowa, but no winner will be announced because there were 8 districts worth of ballots missing:D :D :D

    Shenanigans. Theatre to make this thing more interesting.

    Newt is not going to quit. Newt will turn on Santorum, see that's the thing about mad dogs, they bite whomever is nearest. The conservatives are going to cause a serious stir at the convention. They will not be reasonable and compromise like Hillary's people did in 2008. They might walk.

    Then I think the Tea Party becomes organized by the conservative wing of the GOP, and they do their own thing going forward.
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    Drudge is saying that Newt asked his wife for an "open marriage".


    Not that it affects the final outcome one bit.
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