Perry J. Kaufman?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by SarahNGuyen, Dec 9, 2010.

  1. Hey everyone,

    As far as I know, PJ Kaufman is the best trading author (everyone should read trading systems & methods, even non-systematic traders).

    Pragmatic vision, extensive research, hands on one brought me more regarding market experience with a book.

    Do you guys agree with me, or am I just missing something (someone) here?

  2. You're not missing a thing, my dear, but winning strategies. About two years ago I started rereading the books on my trading books shelf, and burning them one by one. Kaufman went early. But it did burn prettily.
  3. tim888


    You are missing the fact that most people here write books, they do not read them...

    I hope you got the message...if not do a search with your name and the author name.
  4. I have that book unfortunately. It was required as a purchase for the CMT program that I quit after passing level 2.

    It hasnt come off the shelf in 2 years. But I remember canned strats and overly technical mathematics that are all done in spreadsheets nowadays fluffing the pages.

    I`d part with it for 50 bucks and shipping if anybody cares.