Perry in free fall

Discussion in 'Politics' started by AK Forty Seven, Sep 14, 2011.

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    That is actually really bad news for Obama.

    Think about it. Your boy is truly fucked.

    And the other thing, you conveniently keep leaving out the only polling this early that really matters: Obama vs. Generic Republican. Post that one. And take a look at the election results since Scott Brown.

    The only person you are deluding with this is yourself - I mean, honestly, the Daily KOS and The Nation isn't nearly as drunk on the Kool-Aid as you are.
  3. Max E.

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    Perry was a double digit loser in every single poll just a month and a half ago now the RCP average has him as a 3.5 point dog with a year and a half for Obama to fuck things up even worse. Once again the joke is on YOU IQ 47.
  4. Maybe.Obama is slaughtering every republican candidate but Romney,but for some reason Romney has gotten a pass from the attacks that all the other republican candidates that the left and the media has attacked

    Trump ponders run,is viciously attacked .Perry runs and is attacked viciously by the left and the media and after only a month is now losing to Obama by double digits .Bachmann and Palin viciously attacked for months/years

    Why has Romney not gotten this same treatment ? The media and the left have all but ignored Romney .I believe they have dirt on him and desperately wants him to be the nominee .After Romney is the nominee the attacks on him will begin and they will be so bad it will make the attacks on Palin ,Perry,Bachmann etc look like childs play

  5. That doesn't matter at all,the only thing that matters is the actual person he will be facing
  6. The book on how to play Romney is known from when Ted Kennedy beat him for Senate. He'll be an easy target.
    If Perry is losing by double-digits now it's because of his debate performances, nothing else. Those are the only times most of the nation got a look at him. They must not have liked what they saw.
  7. Lucrum


    IQ 47 still cheering for Obama despite his numerous claims of being disappointed with Obama.
  8. bone

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    Just yesterday he admitted that things have been going quite badly since the Scott Brown election.

    Talk about mood swings...

    The meds need adjustment ?

    Imagine the schizophrenia that will be induced when more of the DOJ corruptions and the Solyndra scandal comes to light - just in time for November, 2012.
  9. Odumbo and his spectacular failures are an easier target.
  10. If you really want to see a free fall, look to your idol Odumbo. :p
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