Perry: Go back to Iraq

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    Perry: Go back to Iraq

    Rick Perry endorsed deploying American forces to Iraq again in Saturday night’s GOP debate, saying that the United States cannot afford to “allow the Iranians to come back into Iraq and take over that country.”

    The Texas governor accused President Barack Obama of cutting and running from the conflict in Iraq too early, in order to placate Democrats.
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    Can we get clean towels up here in 407? You service-sector types spend too much time updating your facebook status and not taking care of the guests. Phhttt!

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  4. 4 trillion US tax payer dollars, over 4 thousand American lives loss,over 30,000 Americans wounded ,over 100,000 Iraqi civilians lives lost and Mr Perry wants to go back

    Most of the candidates wanted to stay and still think the war was the right thing to do :confused: :confused: :confused:
  5. U can call off the dogs AK. It's a done deal. Yesterday, Mittens went after Obama. The also rans went after Mittens and each others. Mittens is the guy, as we all really knew.

    Obama will keep his job. The hard right is very very pissed, cause they can see it also. Look even here at ET at 377 and pspr. They know what time it is.

    Mittens versus Obama. The conservatives will sit, out of spite, just like 2008. Hard right ( social and fiscal) conservatives are always pissed about something, well not just something, they are mad that the 50's are gone and they ain't coming back. So they will sit.
    Rush will blast Mittens, if he is not doing it already, and that will be the signal. It will come something like, "America deserves four more years of Obama because they still do not understand the elections have consequences" or something similar to that. Then they will be told to buy guns, gold, and grains and get ready to hunker down for the end of the world is nigh:D

    Then the "enlightened" conservatives will talk about the liberals and the sheeple.

    All the while forgeting that one pub President took us off the gold standard locally, and another pub President took us off the gold standard internationally.

  6. I agree,I sometimes like pointing out how stupid their side is though :D .It might also wake the people of Texas up and make them realize what an idiot they keep electing :D
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    Personally speaking it is more like disappointment. I won't be paying for any of what happens via taxes and will watch from afar. No real stake in the game here anymore.

    I would offer that the difference between -47 and I, aside from about 50 IQ points, is that I actually care what happens to the country. I suspect IQ-47 cares mostly about stirring shit and some twisted notion of "winning". He has no stake in the game either except maybe the dollar amount of the welfare he collects.