Perpetual Bull / Bear Thread

Discussion in 'Trading' started by topdown, Jul 23, 2007.

  1. topdown


    Every day and on nearly every thread, the discussion seems to turn into a Bull vs. Bear petty argument. In an effort to ward off the thread hijacking of topics that may otherwise be of worthwhile discussion. I propose that all Bull vs. Bear arguments be made here in order to save the balance of threads for the discussion in which they were intended.

    To make life easier for those who continue to destroy all other discussions, I offer the following statements that can simply be cut / pasted:

    The market has reached a top and is going down.

    We are in a bull market, don't fight it, ride the trend.

    And I'll add one more, just because I'm tired of reading it:

    stockturder is an idiot.

    I have no doubt that if these issues were contained to this thread, ET would would be vastly improved. Just my effort to improve the quality of threads here. Good Day.
  2. john12


    i agree tired as hell of the same trash threads. markets up 100 its "the markets going to 15k". if its down 100 its "the bulls over get out". every damm day a new thread on this
  3. Well, how about this one: "The Dow was up 92 today, but, I still think the bulls are about to get a real nasty screwing."? That's MY line, and I'm sticking by it.
  4. opm8


    Who are "the bulls" and "the bears" you guys talk about and why does it matter how others make out in the markets? Talk about a cry for attention.

  5. P.S. Some dip buyers are going to get their asses handed to them this time around.
  6. piezoe


    BlindLemon- Boosh...

    Wow! Do you play the piano?
  7. No. Something about coke-bottle glasses & a sour disposition...