Perniciousness of AIPAC

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  1. A sell? The facts are on their side. All you have to do is distinguish propaganda from facts and the battle is won.
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    And the Palestinian hating propaganda rises up!
  3. Good luck on Telegraph Avenue. You'll need it. The day that AIPAC sets up an office there and it's not firebombed the next night is the seventh sign.

  4. You really don't need any propaganda to get people to hate groups which make unsolicited attacks on innocent civilians. Pals do that, Israelis do not. Propaganda is what you have to use when facts don't support your position. Israel has no need for propaganda, "palestine" does.
  5. Nice were slightly more clear this time around.

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    It's asymmetric warfare, they can get used to it and quit their crying, or relinquish their superior military and quit their crying. If they go the "pussy" route, that is, continue accepting US money, then they can just quit their crying.
  7. I didn't edit any of my posts, what are you talking about?
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