permabull turns bear

Discussion in 'Trading' started by scriabinop23, Mar 13, 2007.

  1. ME...

    went short dow and nq futures end of day...

    either that means we have some real selling to come, or I am the perfect contrarian indicator (because I've been getting slaughtered lately).
  2. hels02


    Does that mean there are no bulls left here except stocktrad3r?

    What does that usually mean if the market reflects that sentiment? :D
  3. Buy NEW. :D
  4. :)
  5. empee


    kinda late to short now tbh
  6. we are getting more recruits every day.
  7. disclaimer: still a bull, just not until we sell a little more.. this isn't a 1000 pt dow call - something more like 200-400..
  8. End of day...great
  9. Dow falls under 12 K all hell is breaking lose! SELL! No really, hopefully the resistance will hold up. Right now we look like a rubber ball rolling of a cliff, we might bounce a little but there is only one way to go.
  10. If we break below 12,000 watch out.
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