Perl API for FIX Protocol

Discussion in 'Automated Trading' started by ndawood, Nov 11, 2004.

  1. ndawood


    I have a requirement to implement FIX in our business for enabling STP trades. Can some one help me with a sample FIX API written in Perl languange? /nd
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    As far as I know there's no FIX engine written in perl
  3. nitro


    If you have not tried yet, go here:

    They have an active mailing list where you can probably ask and someone there may have what you need.

  4. ndawood


    Thanks nitro, the link was useful. I shall come back once I find a solution. /nd
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  6. linuxtrader

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    We reviewed and benchmarked this design and our choice was not to use this and opt for our own solution which we implemented for a few funds ... Generally we like to use open-source solutions of they are the best alternative.

    This solution may be fine for many applications, but in our case it would not work ....
  7. Hi nitro,

    I see you also have some interest in FIX. Actually to get the things going computerwise, this doesn't see that hard, especially given that you have a wide choice in OS platforms and implementation languages. Looks like the way to escape the half-baked and hidden API crap typical of most internet brokers, except for one or so.

    The real question to me is in how far it is possible to set up an account with under FIX protocols with an online broker. Several mention the possibility but I have not come across anything from people who truly made the move.

    Any ideas about this?

    Thanks for the pointer.
    Be good,

  8. alanm


    linuxtrader: Do you recall the specific problems?
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    If possible would you be able to take a little time to email me the reasons QF didn't meet your needs? If you know of some shortcomings, we would like to have the opportunity to address them based on your feedback. Thanks!

  10. nitro


    Hi nononsense,

    Getting QF _client_ going is very straight forward. The hard part is understanding how the pieces fit together. Also, if you have no experience setting up the configuration file you can run into problems, but that is also not too bad.

    As far as brokers that accept FIX for retail traders, I know of a two: IB and MBTrading:

    IB requires you to do a minimum amount of commissions per month, so it is not really a solution. MBTrading is the only broker for retail FIX, but they have other problems like they don't allow you to sell options, and they are in Los Angeles (sort of silly for a Chicago trader to have to route 4000 miles to LA only then to get routed another 4000 miles back to 3 miles from where he lives,) etc.

    In general, most of the brokers support it, but only for their "high end" clients. Stay tuned though, I am going to be reviewing a broker soon and will have more information on it.

    Another thing that you could do is set up a FIX engine internally, then wite a back end and have that translate the trade execution into a given API. That way your software is always written to a FIX interface. Some brokers implement FIX this way.

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