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  1. CvH


    I am looking for an online source that offers European peripheral government yields and, or spreads.

    <B>MarketWatch</B> has the 10 year yield for Italy, France, Spain, a.s.o. but these quotes will disappear again after they were entered into a watchlist; the only 10 year yield that remains in the watchlist is that of the US 10 Y Notes.
    When telling them about that flaw one does not receive an answer - as usual with that site.

    <B>CNBC</B> has 5 year sovereign CDS quotations, but no-one knows how old they are.
    There is no reply if one contacts them.
    Again, that shows how much these companies care about their customers !

    <B></B> has yesterday's 10 year government bond yields and spreads, but offers no updates throughout the day.

    It should be a source that offers all relevant countries' yields with a change and a date and time indication that is frequently updated throughout the day and can be accessed online without a subscription.

    Maybe someone on this site knows where to find that.

    Thank you and have a great day.
  2. I don't know where to find that... BBG probably comes closest, but I don't think it's been available recently.
  3. Register at Bloomberg web site and use the Portfolio Tracker