Perion Network, (PERI).

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by hughb, Nov 6, 2012.

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    The notes I had on this stock were lost when my hard drive crashed, but it looks like this one would have caught my interest back in the first week of September when it made a new high with increased volume. I bought it on November 1 at 7.80 when it looked like it was coming out of a price dip. I wasn't paying full attention when I bought it, as I remarked in my diary at the end of the day the elections had skipped my mind and I didn't want to do any trading until afterward.
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    Got a close above 10 today. If it holds above 10 until the end of the week, it might appear on one of those IBD lists. IBD players can get a stock moving if they jump in.

    I've bought more on the way up, my average cost is 8.58 now.