Perhaps this would be a good time for an ET overhaul.

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  1. Perhaps this would be a good time for an ET overhaul. Update to the latest Vbulletin board and modernize the look. Even consider archiving the threads if it makes the switch easier.
  2. Might be.

    Google "elite trader/child porn"

    This situation is whack.
  3. lindq


    IMO, this site is more clearly organized and easier to browse than any other trading or financial site on the internet. I am not speaking here of any issues related to hacking or porn, but the user experience. It doesn't need a redesign.
  4. Max E.

    Max E.

    I agree, this site is by far the best laid out forum on the net, and it is the most appealing to the eyes as well. I have a tough time even reading some forums when i look at how well designed ET is.

  5. I think the forum is fine. However, somethings that may add a lot of value is

    a)adding a way to thank a poster, which would add to his reputation. Maybe something similar to bodypoints and RepPower on I think that would help users to judge the quality of a post.

    This would also be a way to acknowledge users for their valuable contribution to the forums, or to ban user when their reputation goes below some particular threshold.

    Use something like this would also encourage users to post more helpful content and prevent rants on this forum.

    b)more quality sticky threads. A lot of the posts are repeatative and as a new user it would be useful to go over them before posting.
  6. Alpha - those are great ideas and employed in many other forums.
    Points rating for the thread would be terrific.
    That being said, most of all needed:
    Stronger moderation....with point sanctions:
    First offense: 10 pts
    2nd offense: 20 pts
    3rd - nth offense : 20-30 pts depending upon moderator's judgment

    At 50 points, you are suspended for 2 weeks.
    At 100 points, you are banned from the site.

    This happens at other forum sites.
  7. +10
  8. ditto above
  9. BSAM


    I'm riding with LQ on this one.
    The only thing I would like to see right now is perhaps a change in the color scheme.
    Maybe a blue/light blue scheme or a gray/light gray.
    The "greens" seem to have become a bit tiring.
  10. The site has access to the user's ignore lists. Collect all that data into a db and use it for cleaner access. Offer a setting for each registered user to adjust their view of the site. Block posters on a sliding scale that have a large representation in users ignore lists. O% to 100% could mean "don't block anything to block all that have even a single representation in the ignore db". Each user could find a comfort level for that slider...

    I'd think that the entire internet experience would be improved if every site had that feature. I'd love it if, when encountering a site, I knew that I had a way to block known jerks... It would be self moderation of the site really, no need for moderators to work at banning people and all that, if a jerk hit a lot of ignore lists he would be effectively banned for those that had their preference setting threshold high enough to block him...
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