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  1. Lately, millennium-traders--as many other traders--were having a tough time since volatility was low. However, they turned in a solid performance today--roughly 15 pts. Anyone else out there using M-T?
  2. sign up for their free trial then come back here and tell us all about it. we are waiting with bated breath.
  3. I already spend my days there--and I like it. The question is, does anyone else use M-T?:confused:
  4. aura0663


    This site seems like so many others. I took a trial a year ago, and found it hard to recognize entries/exits in relation to their posted trades. Perhaps, a week trial was inadequate, but I quickly tired of Lightening/Thunder audio backdrops--and as much backtesting as I did, I found no direct correlation to their sound effects/ and their posted results-----------just my two cents---10-15 points a day in this market, my a**
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  6. No. I think you are their only subscriber. :eek:

    Here's a tip to help you find some M-T buddies:
    Why not try looking in M-T for other users? I'm sure you'll find some there!
  7. elite trader is filled with way too much sarcasm from you losers who apparently get your a$$es waxed on a daily basis by the markets. That's why you all post sarcasm on ET:eek: --retribution.
  8. how'd you do with M-T? did you figure a way turn a profit with their calls? they make about 30 calls a day. one would think that out of their daily total of 15 points or so you could nail a third of that. hmm...
  9. Thunderbolt,
    I subscribed to MT last year for a couple of months. At times they made some good calls and other times they made some very bad calls. My reason for leaving was that they were "conveniently omitting" many of the losers in their daily performance tally. When questioned they said it was up to each member to make their own entry and exit decisions !!! But when they had winners, they always called the exit AND made sure the members knew about it.

    At times they had as many as five open positions, probably more than most traders, including myself, care to have at any one time. While its nice to have many eyes looking for opportunities, I found myself relying too much on their calls without the time to even look at a chart to understand the rationale of their calls. In general I find MT and other chatrooms to be a crutch unless there is a learning component perhaps after the market close to explain why specific entries and exits were made. Most chatrooms do not have any inclination to do this. They are too busy charging your cc. Give them a try and decide for yourself.
  10. Tom Vu, is that you??? :D
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