Performance management software for Option Strategies

Discussion in 'Options' started by compounding, Jun 19, 2003.

  1. Any suggestions on trade performance software to track various option strategies (covered calls, calendar spreads, straddles, etc.) in multiple Interactive Broker and optionsXpress accounts. I really would like a tool that will match my trades and recognize the strategies to give me accurate statistics for returns, etc. I've tried MS Money, TWSAutoTrack, TradePerformance, a custom Excel spreadsheet, and a few other share/freeware/low-$ tools. However, these were either too cumbersome or not able to match the legs of the trades to give accurate stats.

    It sounds as though Option Money or Portfolio Director by Portfolio Systems Inc. might be the closest thing, but I don't think they import IB data directly. Anyone have any comments on these or other tools?

  2. Also, I just heard about tradelog ( and it supports many different brokers, including IB and oX. However, I am unsure if it recognizes and accurately calculates returns for option strategies. Anyone have experience with this?
  3. Check out Option Money. I have the older version which has accounting for Schedule D. The newer version can do the the accounting as well as performance analysis. The web site is: