performance is that what counts ?

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by bat1, Feb 14, 2008.

  1. bat1


    looking at Jobs in the WSJ for traders
    they all want College degrees:mad:
    I don't have one

    you would think that if your a home trader and average a 60% return in trades (have proof)
    for 5 years you could have a job as a trader for
    a firm....
  2. Take your case to them. When you have peformed well enough for long enough, you'll find a place.
  3. Be innovative, change your cover letter to 1 page.
    fax in your cover page with a 3 year summary return of your trades.


    Bat1 LastName

    2005 20%
    2006 30%
    2007 31.8%

    drawdown: 5.6% max

    Lets make money together, give me a call
    212 245 6225

    I'm hungry.


    you think anybody gives a shit about your college degree in the real world?
    Its the only thing they can filter between the absoluet freshoutofcollege idiots and the absolute idiots who don't have degrees.

    when you are not an absolute idiot, you just need to show results.
  4. why would anyone want to work at firm if making 60% year?

    compounded thats sweet money.

  5. What markets do you trade?