Performance analysis on done trades

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  1. qdz2


    I'd like to hear your opinions on software to analyze the performance of done trades using statistics, visualization, and artificial intelligence.

    Does anyone use tradestation or metastock to analyze their done trades in an automated process? Since many powerful analysis components are ready to use. How do you interface the transaction data with the components like Easy language? I just started some work on this topic. It is still preliminary and needs lots of manual operations.


  2. alain


    I have long been looking for a software that would let me do the analysis on done trades. Not only systematical trades. I haven't been successful. Everything with TradeStation seemed to puzzled and the software "TradePerformance" is extremely limited to things you can do more easyly in an excel spreadsheet.

    Because of that circumstance we started to think about making such a program because it could be of great benefit in some ways.

    If you find any useful solution, could you let me know.

    Thx, Alain
  3. geringer



    Allow me to clarify this point...

    I don't think you are saying that my TradePerformance software
    is worthless. Based on our offline conversations, I believe
    you think my software is heading the right direction...but is
    not fully matured yet...especially for your sophisticated needs.

    To be fair, what I think you are saying here is that, the current
    version (1.2) of TradePerformance does not have the ability to
    export the matched and processed trades to a spreadsheet, so
    the user is limited to the types of statistical analysis that
    I have been able to build so far.

    This is a fair statement. And you will be happy to learn
    that this limitation will be lifted in Version 2 which is
    coming out shortly. I have a number of different reports and
    excel exports which will be added. This will allow you to
    process all your trades through TradePerformance, view the reports and statistics that I generate, and if you have the need
    for further specialized analysis...with one mouse click you
    can export details of all processed trades and open excel
    immediately on this data for further analysis, reporting or graphing.

    TradePerformance did not start out to be JUST a statistical
    analysis tool. It is meant to be an accounting and management
    system for active trading. This includes management of multiple
    accounts, scaling into and out of positions, automatic lot
    matching, defining and processing trading rules, keeping your
    trading journal, generating reports for tax purposes etc.
    It is also equally suited for day/swing traders as it is for longer term investors.

    The requirements for improved performance statistics, importing
    from Brokers and exporting to Excel have come out of our current
    customer base and we have repsonded to these needs as quickly as possible while maintaining my standard of "bullet proof" quality (Only three bugs found in the first year of sales).

    Active traders are accustomed to highly sophisticated software and have very high expectations of the software they use. As a software developer, I understand this and have to deliver the best system that I can.

    Steve Geringer
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