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  1. This is my performance 2009. To be honest I was surprised by the minimal drawdowns on a month to month basis.

    Stocks, options and futures were traded.

    Number of trades: approx. 600-700

    Jan 3,412616339
    Feb 3,499536969
    Mar 7,106192607
    Ap 7,0 17235315
    May 4,831552999
    Jun 3,926947797
  2. Total performance p.a was 58,33 %
  3. What is that?....3.41%? I know it's not 3.4-billion dollars, OR is it? :eek:
  4. Yes, sorry forgot, of course %
  5. If you would've bought EWZ at the close of 12/31/08, and held for one year, your performance would've been 121.4%.
  6. Would've, should've, could've, might've. If only "it" were that easy. :cool:
  7. I see lot's of discussion of daily performance, and some journals tracking over time, but so little general discussion of performance (not counting derogatory comments and insults). Daily performance means little, it is performance day after day, month after month, and year after year that really matters. I thought I could find a discussion of year end performance but this is the only thread I found.

    Why is this such a taboo subject? Too many liars? I am curious what type of performance others experience. My performance last year was similar to the OP's but with higher volatility:
    -7.4%, -5.7%, -6.4%, 10.3%, 2.8%, 5.0%, -3.0%, 4.4%, 16.6%, 14.4%, 11.5%, 6.3% for a total of 55.8%. This year I'm up about 21% YTD.

    Are such results so rare? I still feel like I have a lot of room for improvement.
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    A good trader can easily make 1-2%, a day. Everyday.

    Monitor several instruments and take only the best set-ups.

    Investing is a different animal altogether. Depends on your approach.
  9. What can be done and what has been done are not necessarily the same thing. That was the point of my question. 1% per day compounded is almost 1200% annually. 2% per day compounded is over 15,000% annually (to put this in perspective, a $10,000 account grows to $1.5M in only a year). How many people have actually achieved such returns for any length of time?

    I came across this post from a Trading coach describing reasonable expectations for a superior trader as double digit returns.

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    1-2% is easily attainable using leverage, or day trading, to a certain point.

    1-2% a day is not easy trading with cash straight up.
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