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Do you like my executions?

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  1. Hi all! After trading and not talking to other traders for years... this social distancing has made me want to start recapping my trades and engaging with other traders more.
    Today I got in $INTC and followed my plan exactly. Since I've only started sharing my trades I would love some feedback on what you think. I also use Heiken ashi candles - do any of you guys and gals use them?
    I attached a screenshot of the trade idea and execution annotations. I also added a screenshot of another trade... just so you all can see my trading style.

    Here is the recap video!
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    Not bad. You seem to know what you’re doing just by having a plan and following it.
    Are you a day trader and trade such setups daily? What are your stats? And what do you use besides Heiken ashi?

    Keep in mind there is Journals forum here at that may be best to record personal trades, follow and be followed.
  3. So excited to get a reply!!!! I love trading its the most rewarding job ever! To answer your question: Yes I am an intraday trader but I place a lot of emphasis on the daily chart. Even for swing trades - I believe in using the daily chart to find the setup, then the intraday chart to find the precision entry.

    I trade mostly intraday so I don't have overnight risk on most of my income trades (I do have long term investments but I manage those positions in a VERY different strategy).

    Years ago - early in my career, I took a 6 month period in which I traded with candled only (zero indicators). After that, I added just those indicators that give me a slight relative point of reference (for example - being a little far off the 9 exponential moving avg gave me some caution in the $INTC trade today). Essentially I use:
    Heiken Ashi, 9EMA, VWAP, and an auto adjusting smoothed moving avg (I wrote an algo that drives this). The purpose of the algo moving avg is that it remains mostly flat during consolidation with little to no false curls.

    Thank you so much for the engagement - excited to finally get out of my quiet trading zone and actually engage with others in my profession!!!!
    I attached another trade screenshot from April 2nd (SPY). Check it out!
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  4. Forgot to answer the second question!
    I average 2 trades per session. My accuracy floats around 60% with a 1.6 to 1 risk reward (some trades I pull much more... but some trades are small winner... small losers etc. These are just my numbers from long history of logging in tradervue).
  5. Hi xeenosTrading,

    Nice trading -- especially impressed with the top-tick on exiting the remainder of your lot this morning on the $INTC trade.

    I hope I'm not overstepping my bounds here by advertising, but our AI had produced a very similar chart on $INTC today which would have given you that same exit price (and potentially even an idea for a short entry, after seeing the bearish-engulfing):


    Happy trading!

  6. Post your actual TOS PNL for the day or stop wasting everyone’s time with hindsight chart markups.
  7. I will take that as a compliment thank you!!! To have a trader think my setup is so nice that it can't be real without p&l statement! Made me smile! I execute through the following brokers:
    TOS (options) IB (per trade if I'm trading a small cap with very large size I like their per execution) Light speed (large caps I usually use them because my account there is set to per share pricing) Phillips Capital (I use them for futures when I trade /NQ /ES and /CL... /YM on occasion... if the market is volatile enough I'm ok with /YM (dow futures) but when the market is quiet I don't like them because the tick increments compared to the number of ticks a move of the same relative size in lets say /NQ or /ES would be better.
    Anyways... point of the matter - I execute with multiple brokers. I suppose I could post my tradevue or my broker window from that day - but as long as the risk/reward is sound - I don't think it's relevant? I'm here for expansion of my knowledge and building with those around me - not in proving I'm profitable lol. Thanks for stopping by. If you can't gather any value from what I shared - you aren't someone I want to sync up with any way.

    I WISH I had been able to pick the minds of successful traders when I started! Good luck to you Poopy!
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    Do I buy the support or sell the support? Am I trend or counter trend? I'm so confused. Please tell me what I should do.
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  9. Let me offer you some advice. The ppl here are as stupid as the general public, but even they know that your hindsight markups are retarded.

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