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  1. Hi ppl. I've been talking with some friends of mine that trade at several different countries regarding the general environment on their trading floors. I was surprised to hear that there is a wide variety of approaches as to what the right atmosphere must be when trading.

    For example, there are some guys how manage their floor in a nearly military discipline... having people sit up right and keeping it real quite. In other places people scream at the floor from one end to another and it sounds like a pit.

    This put me into thinking, what is the perfect environment for trading? I like the idea of trading at a floor, rather than at home, because of the social experience it involves, it helps me deal with stress. So in my case the question goes into, what's the perfect environment for a trading floor?

    What do you guys think?
  2. A labratory environment stocked with all the tools and reference material possible. Abundent daily publications with a Bloomie at each desk...

    dress code allows for boxer shorts to be worn....

    Parking lot allows woodgrains..

    encourage teamwork and participation..if you need to yell...well ok...
  3. Just like poker, some like to hear what's going on, some wear headphones. Our traders, for the most part, listen to the CME squawk box and have the TV muted, focus on the screen to keep track of what's going on. Hotel room, trading room, beach in Maui, doesn't really matter much.


  4. oh yeah...did I forget...a sofa and a coffee table at each cubicle with a wireless laptop...allowing me to watch my platform and the UPL while laying down and when it gets close... a short path to my desk...

    another thing I need is the use of Don's money for next to nothing...:)

    one last thing..I need lots of wall to tape things on...not playboy bunnies silly spreadsheets of the day and other trading related menus and ok some select hustler photos...

    also I need the keys to the door, as I sometimes sleep with my spreadsheets.

    See..If you give me structure and cloud my thoughts with stupid people, my creativity becomes stifled. This is why I am a retail Piker. I am trading the edge of a lifetime and I really do not care what people think.

    ElectricSavant in his boxer shorts from the top of the world
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    Does if you don't want to have to get up at O-dark 400!

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    cashonly Bright Trading, LLC

    Money for nothing??? What are you gonna want next... Chicks for Free??? You sound like you're in Dire Straits! :D
  7. I am humming that me the money :) and you better hurry while my edge lasts..

    I want my MTV..

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    Trading in vegas is murder, I couldn't handle it for more than a few weeks
  9. i like it kinda moderate to loud, on the rare occasions when i'm home i put the cme s&p pit on the stereo in surround sound. It's quite entertaining....

    now, the most action i hear on the 4th fl here in midtown is when someone misses or makes a goal in the World Cup - a bunch of groans or cheers :D

    Definitely, a lot of reference material is good to have at your disposal as well, along with a "decompression" room to relax or take a quick nap. That would be ideal.

    When will the U.S. catch on to the nap craze like Japan does? I think that's a good idea (but maybe left for another thread)
  10. do they listen to the squack box via headphones?

    is there a program that lets you broadcast the squackbox in the intranet, to pay only one subscription?
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