Perfect Trade Station for Sale

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by MarketMafia, Apr 17, 2006.

  1. Specification:
    + 2 x Silver Samsung 213T (21.3" 1600x1200 native resolution) Flat screen Monitor
    + CPU:
    - 2 x Intel Xeon Nocona (64bit) 2.8GHZ stepping E0 with Cooler master heatpipe solution
    - ASUS NCCH-DL Rev 1.2 Mainboard
    - 1GB Dual Channel DDR memory (Geil)
    - 2 x Fujitsu MAP 73gb 10,000 RPM U320 SCSI HDD
    - Adaptec U160 SCSI controller
    - Gigabyte Nvidia FX6800 128MB passive heatpipe cooling
    - Nvidia FX5600 PCI
    - TDK DVD/RW 8X drive
    - Antec Trupower 530w power supply
    - Antec server case
    - The system has 8 x 80mm low RPM fan (1200-2000 RPM) its a perfect balance between temperature and noise. You can barely notice the exitence of the machine. Temperature range from 45-50 degree celisus.

    + Microsoft Bluetooth desktop set (keyboard and mouse)

    + Logitech momo racing wheel and pedal (something to do when you wait for the big move :D)

    I'm in a emergency and willing to let the whole system go for $1600. I locate in Queens New York and only do cash and
    pick up. You can come and check the system for yourself (all diagnostic tools or softwares is welcome). If you interested in the system, you can either call me Alex 718-790-7730 or PM, reply . Thanks for reading guys.