Perfect Storm

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  1. I just sold 100 ES..... We are DOOMED!!!!!

    I usually think these articles are forced out to add to liquidity for longs, but not this time!!!


    I remember when the Dow rebounded from 6000 area and everyone said sell every rally up to about 12,000....then they seemed to give up. and bonds have been a solid sell for years now...

    and i remember when we all believed we should go to war after 9-11....

    we are sheep to the media!!!
  2. pupu


    Sell?When little Ben is printing his ass off into eternity?

  3. sell sell sell.. Mortimer!!
  4. sheda


    If your quoting tony blair you are scrapping the barrel
  5. lowering my stop on my 100 lot short.

    This is how you make real money!!!

    who else sold 100 with me???
    #10     Oct 22, 2012