Perfect FOMC long setup?

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by scriabinop23, Jan 26, 2007.

Next leg up?

  1. Yes. This is still a bull market.

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  2. This is a top. Big downward correction will progress. Fools buy here.

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  1. indulge me... bullish postulation:

    1) markets oversold this week. all staying within solid ranges technically.
    2) good earnings season
    3) even better new housing #s
    4) inflation under control (ie: oil cheaper, CPI etc down)
    5) overall bullish market sentiment is starting to turn the market 'healthy' ...

    conclusion: FOMC meeting will unleash the longs for the next leg up.
  2. i like it for the bonds. only caveat being the reports of massive selling from middle east after recent crude drop.
  3. i was wondering if the same might explain equity selling (or lack of buying). reduced liquidity from petrodollars means less to prop our markets up.

  4. We're goin down y' the wall in Berlin.
  5. tone of fed to me suggests rate hikes along with data. i think the tone is bullshit and i think the data is bullshit too. i think rates will go up to keep the dollar from falling off a cliff.. housing and economy be damned...
  6. the dollar is actually relatively strong right now. 121.50 to jpy, 1.29 to eur (far from 1.36!) etc...

    Bernanke has learned to be silent between meetings lately, it appears. BTW, this bearish sentiment might be a great indicator for the persistent long. besides me, we're 4 bears to 2 bulls. The 'elitetrader sentiment index' is a great tell.

    give me a solid bear case besides 'we're due for a correction' for overall equity markets and i'll be fascinated. don't argue based on certain overhyped sectors (casinos, exchange stocks, etc)
  7. markets dont need reasons to move - trading 101
  8. That may mean something except for the fact that Ayrabs can't trade for shit and they are always wrong. They should stick with what they know - KABOOM. Or just get out all together..